How to Host VPN

If you have understanding of virtual private networks or VPN and are familiar with the terms like VPN Host, Virtual Private Networks, Dedicated Servers, Site to Site VPN, Client to Site VPN, and PPTP Server you can skip this part and can go to the next section.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is your dedicated, private network over the public Internet. VPN is a cheapest solution available for the rest of us, if you have lot of spare money go for ATM frame relay connections. VPN is an encrypted virtual private tunnel over the public internet. Data is encrypted so almost as safe as ATM relay* connections used by banks etc.

The whole VPN system relies on secure and encrypted data transmission line using the standard internet infrastructure. Most businesses now rely on computers; have LAN and using daily internet for browsing, email and searching. Majority of small businesses have servers already installed or planning to have one. If you are in computer business think about providing hosted VPN solutions to the small and medium size business.

What is a Host VPN?

Host VPN is a server providing VPN connections to client computers or sites. If you have 500+ clients dedicated server is a better choice. Cheap VPN routers are available for 1-50 clients.

In many countries like China people use VPN to bypass restrictions imposed by government or ISPs. The idea is simple; you can connect to any remote PC (outside china) or server and use that remote machine as a gateway. Data is encrypted before transmission so your local ISP cannot monitor your net activity. Many companies are now offering this service for a small fee in the US and other countries.

Site to site VPN

Any business or company with multiple branches has to host VPN to share data over the public internet. Fairly cheap hardware and software solutions are available. Simply you can use a VPN router from Cisco like Cisco RV-042 on each location. Configuration is straight forward, will take less than half an hour. It is simple deploy and forget method, and absolutely no maintenance required.

Client to site VPN

In client to site host VPN, you can configure individual PCs or laptop to connect securely to the main office LAN. Again it is simple, most operating systems like Microsoft Windows or Mac OS has built-in VPN client. Simply create an account both in host VPN router or server and in client computer

Client to client VPN

Many direct connection options are available but I suggest using a straight forward scenario where both client computers are connected with the host VPN and sharing resources. This is simplest, reliable and secure mode of operation used by many companies.
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