Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

The best healthy snacks for weight loss are typically those that are going to be filling, tasty but of course, low in fat.  Snacking is often something looked down upon, but in fact if done correctly; it can reduce the amount you eat at meal times, and also keep your metabolism rate up.

It is widely accepted that if you eat little and often, you will find it easier to burn off fat, but you will also feel less hungry because you are never too far away from your next meal.  Also, because you are only eating as much as you need, your stomach will retain its normal size rather than stretching.

Apple with Low fat Cheese: The contrasting taste of apple and cheese go well together to make a tasty snack.  You must ensure however that the cheese really is low fat.  It would also be best to have more apple than cheese and also not to have this snack more than once in a day.

Carrot Sticks: These make a great snack as they are bright, crunchy, filling and full of vitamin A.  You can of course chop the carrots up yourself, but most supermarkets sell them already chopped into sticks for you.  They are also great to use for dipping into low fat dips for extra flavour.  As a side note, I’m eating carrot sticks as I write this article!

Low fat yogurt and fruit: Low fat yogurt is great, but can sometimes be lacking somewhat in the taste department.  So why not throw in some berries such as blueberries, raspberries or grapes to sweeten it up.  It will also help contribute to your recommended daily fruit intake.  For added crunch, mix in some oatmeal.

Bananas: Let’s not forget this great fruit which comes conveniently packaged in its own container.  Great for eating on the move, easy to pack into a lunch box or can be sliced to be put on cereal or in a yogurt.

Nuts and Dried Fruit: While many nuts contain fat, it is ‘good fat’ as opposed to saturated fats.  Most nuts in their natural form will be good for you and make a tasty snack.  Be careful though of those that have added salt to enhance the taste.  Also, some dried fruit has added sugar to sweeten the taste.  A great snack is a handful of pumpkin seeds; you can find yourself getting slightly addicted to their moreish quality.

Fruit and Veg: The easiest snacks are those you can pack into a lunch box such as apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and many more.  An apple for example is great because they are typically crunchy, juicy and filling enough to keep your hunger at bay until the next meal.

There are many more healthy snacks for weight loss purposes, but just by rotating the snacks suggested above should prevent you getting bored of the same snacks and will help keep your metabolism up, thus losing more weight.