From A Homeless Junkie to A Superdad with A Superbod

I am a sponsored bodybuilder, with intentions on becoming pro one day. I’ve only competed locally but will be doing my first national qualifier in October.

I came from the bottom of the bottom. I had a big drug addiction to several drugs. I was homeless living out of my car. I would go from bathing at either a friend’s house, or using the showers at the gym. Not knowing if I was even going to have a meal for the day. Eventually, I woke up one morning in my car, looked at myself through my rear view mirror and knew that the lifestyle I was living wasn’t for me. I was 21 years old weighing 115lbs. I then got my determination. I stopped by one of my local supplement stores and asked for some help. I gave them my story, they were in utter shock I was even sharing myself with them. They took me in and guided me. I started eating healthier and working out. As I started to live healthier, my overall life got healthier.

My kids are my biggest motivation. I never want to see them struggle or go through the things I had to. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t watch a training video or even just interviews with people such as Phil Heath, Flex Lewis, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler. These are the things I consume as a pre-workout.

I came this far with the help of my sponsor, which is a supplement company called No Freakin Excuses (NFE) which is a line of all-natural products from whey protein, fat burners and multi-vitamins. One day I was put to the test without any knowledge of who this guy was. And I made it through the run he gave me. He asked me to start training with him. So I did and within a matter of 6 months, my body completely transformed! From the grueling training and the right supplementation of this company, this is how I got to where I am today.

My Future Goals

This is by far just the beginning for me. I plan on going pro and I will do so as I claim victory upon myself. Hopefully one day, I can make it to the Olympia stage.