Kerosene Heater Shop – Gas Space Heaters Need To Know

Kerosene Heater Shop – Gas Space Heaters Need To Know

Gas space heaters have become popular additions to most living spaces especially during winter months. This is not surprising. The appliances are convenient, are easily portable, and are inexpensive. Because they are gas-powered, they tend to incur smaller costs than the electric powered counterparts.  

Space heating is a term used to the practice of heating a space, often enclosed such as a room or a house. Equipment like gas space heaters help keep the air within the enclosed area warm and comfortable enough for people. In some cases, gas space heaters are used not inside homes but in other enclosed areas for the purpose of building a warmer and comfortable surroundings and temperature for plants and animals. The concept of space heating contrasts central heating, which is aimed at warming connected spaces at the same time. In general space heating keeps a specific space, area, or room warm without doing the same in adjacent or connected rooms or spaces.  

It is in this regard that gas space heaters are considered by many consumers as practical. To begin with, gas space heaters are usually powered by natural gas. Electric types are more energy-consuming, thus, they are less popular compared to gas space heaters. However, if not properly and safely used, any gas space heater could pose danger and risks. In the United States alone, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported up to 25,000 fires annually caused by inappropriate and erratic usage of gas space heaters. Homeowner or user negligence could be blamed for such unlikely incidences.  

Thus, gas space heaters could be valuable and effective heating solutions especially when used properly. There could be problems arising when the equipments are left unattended or installed in an area where there are inflammable materials nearby. The location of the equipment could also be crucial as it could affect overall performance and normal operations. Gas space heaters should be given proper and ample operating space to avoid overheating.  

Consumer education is very much needed when buying and using gas space heaters. Be informed and reminded that there are just too many off-shoot manufacturers and brands that only intend to cash in when winter chills come. Before you go to any retailer or appliance shop, it is important that you first determine the exact features and specifications you need in gas space heaters. You could resort to buying the reasonably priced units, but beware about overall quality and functionality.  

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As an additional guide, there are specific factors and considerations you should look at when finding and buying
any gas space heater for your use. First, decide whether to buy a vented or a non-vented gas space heater. Vented
ones are those that require tubes to connect to outside the room for heat exhaustion. Also look for an automatic
shutoff control panel and a thermostat control, which are necessary for overheating prevention and energy

conservation. Buy units with underwriters’ laboratory (UL) seal and ideal ratings at the box.

Extrude 2D Elevation Views for Wall Thickness for 3D Models

Extrude 2D Elevation Views for Wall Thickness for 3D Models

There is more than one way to build an architectural 3d model. As a matter of a fact, you can take a different approach to creating the structure. Many of the steps may be the same, but you will build the walls from the 2D elevation and align the 3D walls in space. This would be analogous to building a pre-stressed concrete tilt-up structure.

We personally try to use this method as much as possible for its efficiency and the extra control. We have created new walls by extruding the 2D shape of the wall elevation, complete with window and door openings, in one simple step. We extruded a Reference of the original 2D shape to allow easier editing later.

The prefab walls have been delivered to the building site and now you need to put them up. We can use Align and Normal Align to �throw� the walls through 3D space and into position.

Normal Align uses the face normals to align one object to another and is easier to use in the Perspective viewport. Align uses bounding edges, centers, or pivot points to align objects and may be used in any viewport comfortably.

The X,Y,Z-axis directions used by Align are dependent on the active viewport and the active Reference Coordinate System. Take the time to become proficient with the Normal Align command and its options. It can save a lot of steps by moving an object through 3D space and �sticking� it onto the surface of another object.You can put skylights on sloped roof, a picture or trim on walls, or a box on the surface of a dome quickly and easily.

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How to get rid of dark cycles under the eyes

How to get rid of dark cycles under the eyes

What are the dark circles under the eyes?

These are dark distinguished blemishes around the eyes that occur as we age. They are really distressing and distort the appearance of the eyes therefore their attractiveness. They may be inherited or acquired as in those caused by bruising.

How dark circles under the eyes are formed?

There are several causes of dark cycles under the eye. They can be divided into inherited and acquired causes.

  • Genetic causes: If anybody in the family has dark circles under the eye, we are at increased risk of developing them. Those with fair skin or deep set eyes tend to have more noticeable dark circles.
  • Thinning of skin: With age the skin under the eyes become depleted of fat and becomes thin.  This exposes blood vessels just below the skin of the eye (periorbital) making them more noticeable leading to the appearance of dark cycles under the eyes.  Exposure of the eyes to intense sunlight makes it worse by weakening the skin.
  • Allergic conditions:  allergic reaction to airborne materials such as pollen, dust and animal dander cause formation of dark circles under the eyes. As you rub your eyes to alleviate the inching you cause bruising of the periorbital leading to dark circles under the eyes.
  • Lack of sleep (insomnia): Fatigue of the eye due to lack of sleep can make skin appear more pale making the underlying blood vessels visible giving the appearance of dark circles.
  • Anemia (iron deficiency): This causes bluish discoloration under the eyes giving the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • Poor hydration (dehydration) can also cause the appearance of dark circles.
  • Diseases that cause fluid retention cause the blood vessels beneath the skin under the eyes to become dilated and engorged giving rise to the dark circles. The conditions associated with this include kidney, heart, thyroid and liver diseases.
  • Increased dietary salt intake and smoking are also well known causes of dark cycles under the eyes.

How to get rid of dark cycles under the eyes?

  • Always drinks a lot of water. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. This will help to get rid of dehydration and improve blood flow.
  • Wear sunscreen under the eyes to prevent this skin from sunburn and development of dark circles.
  • Make sure you sleep adequately each day and take rest regularly to prevent fatigue.
  • Place cool cucumber slices over the closed eyes for approximately 15 minutes before you go to sleep.
  • Regulate your dietary salt intake by researching on sodium content of each food type you take. This will prevent fluid retention and overload.
  • You can apply vitamin K cream on the skin under the eyes. This is because it heals bruises and improves blood flow.
  • Look for foods that contain vitamin C. This antioxidant vitamin has been shown to help to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Make sure you take a diet rich in vitamin C.
  • Take dietary supplements such as grape seed extract and pycnogenol. This is because they contain antioxidant pigments which strengthen the blood vessel to prevent engorgement and dilation.
  • You can apply cool teabags over closed eyes.

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3 Specific and Popular Uses to Protect Your Family Term Life Insurance

A type of coverage entitled universal life insurance has been around since the late 1970′s, and is designed to provide a flexible package with many options that will cover you through your entire lifetime.

Although there are many specific uses for term policies, there are some that are more popular than others. Here are 3 specific and popular ways to use term life insurance:

You may ask what makes this much better than a typical savings account in a bank. In a typical account, your money may earn no more than two or three percent depending on the bank. This rate is fixed and you cannot have it changed. What’s more, this figure is determined by the bank and may remain unchanged for many years. In a fixed index annuity, your money will earn depending on the stock market’s performance.

Because of this, it is possible to have an account that grows much faster than any other type of savings account in any bank. However, the opposite can also happen as your growth can stagnate if the market does so. When these annuities were still being introduced many decades ago, it was possible to sometimes lose some of your investment. Fortunately, banks now have a may of limiting your performance relative to the market. In the direst circumstances, you will still be able to earn, albeit at a slower rate.

Payoff Debt Another use for term life insurance is to payoff a mortgage, a home equity line of credit, auto loans, installment loans, credit cards, and other debts. This protection allows the surviving spouse to not worry about making monthly mortgage and other debt payments and also gives them the opportunity to keep their current house, auto(s), and other possessions.

Usually, these instruments are on a one year minimum participation rate. This mean that you can’t withdraw your funds until such time has passed. If you do take back your money, you may have to pay a penalty. Some banks make it even harder by forfeiting all your earnings.

Final Expenses A funeral can be expensive. Furthermore, it can be stressful worrying about how to pay for it. It’s the last thing grieving families should have to worry about. Having insurance to cover final expenses allows friends and family to focus on grieving, not paying the bills.

There are a variety of ways you and/or your family can use these policies to your advantage. Because they are so affordable, many people use term insurance as a cornerstone for their financial plan. It’s a good idea to meet with a professional in your local area to discuss how much you and your spouse may need and to determine which type of policy is best for your specific situation.

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Healthy Eating During Holidays

Your Best Weight Loss Plans 4 Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy During The Holidays

It can be a little difficult to keep your family healthy during the holidays. There are so many temptations around and it’s the time of year when you should be able to indulge.

Treats of the holidays should be enjoyed, but if you want to remain healthy it’s important to take the following 4 steps.

Stay active
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Depending on where you live it might be cold and snowy during the holidays, but it’s not excuse for being sedentary. You can bundle up and walk the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. Building snowmen and igloos is also a good workout. Just walking in the snow is a work out in and of itself. If you don’t have to deal with freezing cold temperatures during the holidays, it’s much easier to remain active by going to the park, spending time in the yard, and going for daily walks. Don’t use the time of year or the weather to spend weeks parked in front of the TV or computer.

Moderate intake of sweets

The holidays are filled with sugary, rich treats. You don’t want to ban them altogether, but you do want to avoid allowing too many. It’s a good idea to let children have their treat mid-day so that they have time to burn off all the energy they will surely get. Having their treat at night may make it more difficult for them (and you) to sleep.

Get adequate sleep

With kids out of school for the holidays it might not seem like a bad idea to let them stay up late.  It’s nice for kids to stay up late on these special nights. Making it an every night thing though will make it more difficult to get them back into their regular sleeping pattern. Your days will also become busier with all you have to do to get ready for the big day. You will also need a good night’s sleep to function well without relying on coffee or energy drinks. Lack of sleep makes people tired and cranky.

Keep healthy foods on hand

It’s important to make sure you have nutritious meals and snacks around. Indulging now and then is fine, but most of your eating should be healthful. Don’t make a habit of grabbing fast food when you’re out and about because you’re busy. Take snacks with you that you can munch on while you shop. Popcorn, fruit, nuts and seeds, and granola bars are all good choices. Staying healthy during the holidays doesn’t have to be a struggle. By keeping your normal healthy habits implemented and adding in the fun treats of the holidays, you can keep your family in tiptop shape during the holiday season.

Improve the art of Essay writing

There is no doubt that need of essay writing is essential in every phase of the study and the professional life as well. In order to express about your arguments and thoughts about a particular points you should be able to write it in a very well manner. This can be done in a day or two. You will have to make the gradual efforts towards it. There are some particular things that you should take into your consideration when you are planning the essay writing, read this article for more info

In order to make everything clear, we are going to express about some particular things that you can take into your consideration and learn more effective ways to write the essay. You should also know the fact that as parents you will also need to know more about the art of the essay writing. Your kids may need you more when they will be asked to start writing the essay assignments. You will be able to guide them only when you know about the essay writing in a well manner. Thus we are going to tell you some important tips about the essay writing through which you will be able to write in a well manner.

Collecting information about the argument

Writing an essay is like writing about your argument. You should be able to write about your argument in a well manner. By doing this you will be able to express about the ideas. You will be able to write in a well manner when you will have the most updated information with you about the topic on which you are going to write.

Planning about the outline

It is very important to plan about the outline of the essay. By writing the brief plan about the outline of the essay you will be able to bring your thoughts in a sequence which is really very important to write effectively. There is no need to write the huge plans. You can also make this happen with the short plan as well. You should also be able to complete an essay without stopping in the middle. This is only possible when you have done enough planning for the writing.

Putting examples

There is no doubt that writing an essay will need huge efforts. You can increase the writing material with the help of putting proper examples in it. By writing the examples in the essay you will be able to make your points clear and will never have lack of words.




Ways on How To Store Beddings and Foams

Ways on How To Store Beddings and Foams

Bedroom is the most relaxing and vital room for which one can relax and sleep. But, keeping the bedroom clean and fixing it is difficult to do. There are many ways to store bedding and foams. There many different opinions on what way are the best. Some people might ask on what is the best way to store bedding and foams.

Here are the top three storage methods for twin bedding:

Folding or Rolling Method

Using a folding or rolling method is a great way to store bedding the foams. By simply rolling up your foam topper, and folding the bedspread that goes along with it, you have created smaller objects to store.

Advantages– The advantages of folding or rolling up your twin bedding are as follows:

A little less size to store away.

Will easily allow you to store your bedding or foam in a spare closet.

Disadvantages-The disadvantages of folding or rolling your twin bedding are as follows:

Even though your twin bedding is now reduced by being folder or rolled up, it is still going to be a little on the bulky side.

Having your twin bedding a little bulky can cause problems when it comes to storing the bedding or foam in a smaller closet.

Vacuum Sealing Method

If you find that folding or rolling up your twin bedding or foam to be difficult or inconvenient, there is always the method of vacuum sealing it. You can find a vacuum sealing kit just about anywhere for a reasonable price. Not only are the good for bedding, but clothing as well.

Advantages– The advantages of vacuum sealing your bedding or foam as is follows:

Vacuum sealing your twin bedding or foam in a plastic sealing bag is ideal for fitting it into unseen places. Vacuum sealing compresses the bedding quite nicely, allowing for more storing places.

Vacuum packing is also great for sliding your twin bedspreads or foam right under your bed.

Disadvantages-The disadvantages of vacuum sealing you bedding or foam as is follows:

While vacuum packing is great for storing your twin bedding and foam, it does not make it very presentable.

Vacuum packing could also cause your bedding to rip or become extremely wrinkled if not properly done.

Storage Container Method

Using a storage container to store your twin bedding and foam is great for somebody with plenty of closet space or a garage.

Advantage-The advantages of storing your bedding of foam in a storage container are as follows:

Using a storage container to store your twin bedding or foam is great if you have the room for it. Storage containers can be stored in closets, garages, and even under your bed sometimes.
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Storage containers keep your twin bedding and foam from becoming dirty, by shielding your bedding from the dirt or grime that may be present.

Disadvantages-The disadvantages of using storage containers for your twin bedding or foam is as follows:

Storage containers can be quite bulky if you do not have the room for them.

Using a storage container to store your twin bedding and foam can be quite an eyes sore if you do not have the room to properly store it in a spare closet or garage.

With the aforementioned ways of storing beddings, find a method that is suitable for your situation and circumstances.

5 Fitness Apps You Can Stake Your Life On

Most people tend to shy away from discussions about fitness and health. That’s okay, we are after all lazy creatures by nature. Everybody wants to run the tracks, hit the gym and cut down on weight, but very few actually manage to do that consistently and efficiently. This has more to do with our lack of motivation to stay persistent, rather than our inability to sustain our fitness programs.

When you are keeping count of the number of miles you have run or the calories you have burnt, it works as an added incentive to keep pushing your limits and giving yourself steeper challenges. This allows you to stay engaged in the fitness program, and stay passionate about being in shape. Thanks to modern day technology, tracking your progress has become easier than ever with apps on smart devices. These apps tell you almost everything that you need to know about your fitness levels and the improvement you have made thus far.

Among all the various fitness apps that are available, there are 5 that stand head and shoulders above the rest owing to their amazing ability of enhancing your productivity and efficiency while working out. These are state of the art apps that will give you a very good reason to run the extra mile to burn that extra calorie.

1) S Health

Samsung is synonymous with smart, innovative technology that results in groundbreaking smart devices and home appliances. Now they’ve decided to tread on unchartered territory by coming up with a wellness app called the S Health. The name sounds like a UNICEF campaign, and at a cursory glance the app doesn’t fit the mould of a generic fitness tracking system. However, upon closer observation, you are likely to discover that this app is one of the best when it comes to tracking health and fitness endeavours.

To begin with, the S Health has a very simple, user friendly design much like all of Samsung’s products. The most exciting and talked about feature of the app is the heart rate monitor. These heart readings are as accurate as they can get. In fact, they are much better than the ones found in App Store apps. With that being said though, do not expect app to caution you when your heart rate goes out of control.

The S Health comes with a Coach feature. What this basically does is give you a lifestyle score that is accumulated according to the information you provide. It also presents realistic fitness and wellness goals for you to achieve. It goes without saying that the goals vary for every individual user. The goals are set on the basis of information such as the number of hours you sleep per day or how often you feel stressed out.

The next impressive feature is the food section. This contains a massive and extraordinary library of food items ranging from granola bars to bagels to seafood and everything else that you can probably conceive. Place a search in the library, and they’ll provide you with your desired result. Using the food section, the app will collect information about the food you have daily to give you a precise statistic about your calorie intake.

You will also find a pedometer and an exercise tracker in the app. These two features tick all the boxes in terms of consistency and accuracy.

The Exercise section of this app is what really makes it stand out. Once again it has a simple design that most users will love and it acts as the perfect jogging buddy. To commence your exercise session, take a pick among running, walking, hiking or cycling. Your movement will be tracked by the app and it will be superimposed on a map. It even includes audio directions for those who hate staring at the screen while jogging.

S Health gives you the option to add external apps for extra features such as those that track your sleep patterns. All in all, this is a high-tech app that gives you almost every tool you need to test your mettle.

2) Nike+

This is the perfect fitness app for those athletic and sporty people who are obsessed with measuring their performance. This app is basically a GPS running aid that helps you gather important information in real time, analyse the information, and then make a comparison with your previous data. The phone’s GPS is used to keep a count of the distance that you have run, the time taken to run that distance and the number of calories burned while doing it. A plotted map appears on the app which can be viewed during and after the run.

What makes this fitness app exclusive is its heat map that is specially designed for industrious runners. The heat map basically presents you with a graphical display of how fast you have been running throughout the course. Fastest miles are represented by green while the slowest ones are indicated by red. If you want to learn how to pace yourself while running a lengthy course, this feature in particular will be of great use to you.

The app gives you the option to consider terrain, weather and the overall feeling of the run itself. This gives the app a personalized touch, which is not to be seen in most fitness apps.

3) Adidas miCoach

What Nike can do, Adidas can do better. This bold looking fitness app from the world renowned sports brand oozes with elegance. It is a train and run app, that helps you record your running miles, running time, burnt calories and so much more. Basically what it does is provide you with a comprehensive presentation of your daily workout.

It has the ability to set weekly goals depending on the rate of your progress. This propels users to put in the extra effort needed to raise their standards on a daily basis. The app also gives you the amount of active time for the week which is divided into separate intensity zones. It also has a free workout mode that makes it much more convenient to accomplish your weekly objectives.

When you are looking to undergo a specific training for a particular event, let’s say a big football match at the end of the week, the app’s Training Plans feature comes into play. Pick an area of focus such as sports, and then making a customized plan. Once you are done creating a training plan, the plan is saved in the app in a calendar view which makes it so much easier for you get prepared.

The best way to use this app is through the Adidas Fit Smart wearable smart device. Strap on the Fit Smart, start the app and get ready to rumble.

4) Runtastic

This app may not be as high profile as the aforementioned ones, but what it lacks in name it makes up for it in functionality. Runtastic covers all the basic fundamentals of a fitness activity tracker such as keeping count of the distance run, the time taken for the run, the calories burnt, elevation, and pace between mile markers. It also comes with a visual display of the route on a map using GPS.

The Runtastic Pro is pretty advanced as it offers highly desirable features such as pulse reading and heart rate zones, two options that are seldom found in most wellness apps. It also comes with an integrated music player where you can set an energetic song from your music library. It contains different modes for directing your training activity. An unique feature of the Runtastic Pro is the auto pause which comes in handy when stopping for red lights.
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5) Edmondo Running Cycling Walk

This is yet another praiseworthy fitness and health app that is designed to be your ultimate personal trainer. Whether you’re running, walking, cycling or kayaking, this app will keep you on the charge with its efficacious features such as tracking distance, duration, speed and loss of calories. It has a heart rate monitor and provides audio feedback at regular intervals.

The app also comes with a full-fledged training diary that helps you to analyze your performance and keeps your eyes set firmly on your weekly/monthly goals. The audio coach is a well liked feature of this app that prevents you from losing motivation and going off track. I mean, who wouldn’t train efficiently when there’s a coach barking orders at you.

You can share your results on social media and receive real time fitness advice from your workout buddies. Any fitness savvy individual will have a blast using this fun and interactive app.

Now that you know about these extraordinary fitness tracking apps, there’s no excuse for you to sit on your couch and munch on crackers like a lazy, dishevelled geek. As far as these apps are concerned, they clearly are the cream of the crop unless you can stumble upon something better. Are there apps any better than these ones? Do these apps meet all your requirements and satisfy all your needs? Would these apps actually help you optimize your performance on the track? Comment and let us know.

Easy Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Easy Tips To Help You Lose Weight

To many portly people, losing weight seems to be a long routine that is more curved than beneficial. However if you follow a few of these tips where you do not must be put as well sufficient of an bid in losing weight, you find that losing weight is not as bad or tough as was once envisioned.

The many critical thing to recollect is to never go selling for food when you are hungry. This is since you usually finish up adding neglected junk food to your selling barrow when you emporium when hungry. This then reaches your home, and flattering soon, your stomach. So if you outline to go selling for food, ensure that you eat something so that you can exercise a few self patience when you come upon junk food.

If you outline to lose weight, never keep break dishes in the house. Many people lend towards to purchase snacks on the stratagem that it is for kids or is to spouse. Remember that many of the food that you shouldn’t eat, but eat is eaten out of impulse. It is rsther than tough to conflict an spur of the moment to eat food; however it becomes even more tough if the food you should not eat is correct beneath your nose.

Eating off not as big bowls is a tip many people giggle at. However this is a really efficient tip as you lend towards to eat depending on the visible clues you take when seeking at the food that you eat. Humans are visually oriented creatures, and you usually eat whilst determining how considerable an intent is when compared to other things. So when portion food, the food served on the image is compared to the size of the plate.
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Another critical tip for weight loss is to know yourself. This means that everybody has their own weaknesses in food. You have to find out what your feeble indicate is, and regard of ways of coping with these weaknesses. You can find the answer to your feeble indicate by anticipating out that cues and triggers lend towards to set you on an eating spree. Once you find out that cues and triggers set you off your diet track, you have to formulate stairs to prevent these triggers when possible.

The most appropriate thing would be to make a list of the things that set you eating, and the reactions you have to this matter. You then have to emanate a mainstay saying how you intend to attend to this trigger. For e.g. if you find that discussing to a buddy of yours lend towards to make you irritated, and this in spin creates you eat food, then it is improved to eat a dish before telephoning this friend. Of course, avoiding mission such people would be a improved remedy; but if this is not possible, ensure you speak to them on a full stomach. You could moreover ponder receiving a long travel to de-stress yourself after discussing to them.

Keep all these tips to lose weight in mind, and flattering soon, you are sure to attain your preferred weight without obviously feeling any woe or exasperation with your food habits.

Apple cider vinegar weight loss

Apple cider vinegar weight loss

These days, if you’re looking to lose weight, there is no shortage of methods to help you along.

Diet pills, extreme dieting techniques, extreme physical exercise – you name it, someone is offering it.

But what about those age-old techniques such as the cider vinegar weight loss diet?

Imagine – the answer to your weight problem doesn’t have to involve an extreme crash diet or filling your body full of chemicals, instead, it could be sitting in your kitchen cupboard. As crazy as that sounds, cider vinegar has been used successfully in as an effective weight-loss treatment for years.

While no one is quite sure how apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss, the stories of people who have had success using this method are undeniable.

Even though scientific tests haven’t been able to prove conclusively that apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss, these people are living proof that it does work.

There are a few good theories as to why it does what it does.

A common belief is that it helps increase your natural metabolism.

And in doing this, food is converted into energy much quicker – essentially, burning more calories.

Still others say that cider vinegar helps to cleanse the liver and this can have a big effect on your weight.

In a recent experiment, it was shown that consuming cider vinegar before, or with, a meal can help you feel full quicker.

The result of this is that you tend not to overeat.

Although this test was a small one, and apple cider vinegar as an effective weight-loss treatment still needs to be thoroughly tested, there is no doubt that some people have experienced great success with this method.

In fact, it’s been said that the ancient Egyptians consumed cider vinegar to aid in weight loss – so it truly has been helping people for thousands of years.

If you plan on using cider vinegar in your weight loss program, the easiest way is to just add a little to a glass of water or juice and have this with your meal.

Alternatively, you can buy capsules or tablets containing cider vinegar.

You should be aware that these capsules contain other ingredients such as vitamin B6 and lecithin. These additives will have a greater effect than cider vinegar alone.

Cider vinegar can also be beneficial in ways other than weight loss.

In particular, you can improve your general health because it’s naturally rich in minerals and vitamins.

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As an example, it contains potassium – and this can lower your blood pressure.

Cider vinegar also contains fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol. Other benefits include help with digestion, arthritis pain, sore throats, and it’s even been rumored to help diabetes.

Although cider vinegar sounds like a miracle cure for many ailments, including weight loss, it does have some risks associated with it.

One of the biggest problems is that cider vinegar is very acidic and it can damage your teeth, mouth, and throat.

If you ingest cider vinegar, it’s important that you dilute it in water or juice before consuming it.

Make sure you contact your family doctor before trying this age-old diet treatment – especially if you have any other medical condition.