5 Fitness Apps You Can Stake Your Life On

Most people tend to shy away from discussions about fitness and health. That’s okay, we are after all lazy creatures by nature. Everybody wants to run the tracks, hit the gym and cut down on weight, but very few actually manage to do that consistently and efficiently. This has more to do with our lack of motivation to stay persistent, rather than our inability to sustain our fitness programs.

When you are keeping count of the number of miles you have run or the calories you have burnt, it works as an added incentive to keep pushing your limits and giving yourself steeper challenges. This allows you to stay engaged in the fitness program, and stay passionate about being in shape. Thanks to modern day technology, tracking your progress has become easier than ever with apps on smart devices. These apps tell you almost everything that you need to know about your fitness levels and the improvement you have made thus far.

Among all the various fitness apps that are available, there are 5 that stand head and shoulders above the rest owing to their amazing ability of enhancing your productivity and efficiency while working out. These are state of the art apps that will give you a very good reason to run the extra mile to burn that extra calorie.

1) S Health

Samsung is synonymous with smart, innovative technology that results in groundbreaking smart devices and home appliances. Now they’ve decided to tread on unchartered territory by coming up with a wellness app called the S Health. The name sounds like a UNICEF campaign, and at a cursory glance the app doesn’t fit the mould of a generic fitness tracking system. However, upon closer observation, you are likely to discover that this app is one of the best when it comes to tracking health and fitness endeavours.

To begin with, the S Health has a very simple, user friendly design much like all of Samsung’s products. The most exciting and talked about feature of the app is the heart rate monitor. These heart readings are as accurate as they can get. In fact, they are much better than the ones found in App Store apps. With that being said though, do not expect app to caution you when your heart rate goes out of control.

The S Health comes with a Coach feature. What this basically does is give you a lifestyle score that is accumulated according to the information you provide. It also presents realistic fitness and wellness goals for you to achieve. It goes without saying that the goals vary for every individual user. The goals are set on the basis of information such as the number of hours you sleep per day or how often you feel stressed out.

The next impressive feature is the food section. This contains a massive and extraordinary library of food items ranging from granola bars to bagels to seafood and everything else that you can probably conceive. Place a search in the library, and they’ll provide you with your desired result. Using the food section, the app will collect information about the food you have daily to give you a precise statistic about your calorie intake.

You will also find a pedometer and an exercise tracker in the app. These two features tick all the boxes in terms of consistency and accuracy.

The Exercise section of this app is what really makes it stand out. Once again it has a simple design that most users will love and it acts as the perfect jogging buddy. To commence your exercise session, take a pick among running, walking, hiking or cycling. Your movement will be tracked by the app and it will be superimposed on a map. It even includes audio directions for those who hate staring at the screen while jogging.

S Health gives you the option to add external apps for extra features such as those that track your sleep patterns. All in all, this is a high-tech app that gives you almost every tool you need to test your mettle.

2) Nike+

This is the perfect fitness app for those athletic and sporty people who are obsessed with measuring their performance. This app is basically a GPS running aid that helps you gather important information in real time, analyse the information, and then make a comparison with your previous data. The phone’s GPS is used to keep a count of the distance that you have run, the time taken to run that distance and the number of calories burned while doing it. A plotted map appears on the app which can be viewed during and after the run.

What makes this fitness app exclusive is its heat map that is specially designed for industrious runners. The heat map basically presents you with a graphical display of how fast you have been running throughout the course. Fastest miles are represented by green while the slowest ones are indicated by red. If you want to learn how to pace yourself while running a lengthy course, this feature in particular will be of great use to you.

The app gives you the option to consider terrain, weather and the overall feeling of the run itself. This gives the app a personalized touch, which is not to be seen in most fitness apps.

3) Adidas miCoach

What Nike can do, Adidas can do better. This bold looking fitness app from the world renowned sports brand oozes with elegance. It is a train and run app, that helps you record your running miles, running time, burnt calories and so much more. Basically what it does is provide you with a comprehensive presentation of your daily workout.

It has the ability to set weekly goals depending on the rate of your progress. This propels users to put in the extra effort needed to raise their standards on a daily basis. The app also gives you the amount of active time for the week which is divided into separate intensity zones. It also has a free workout mode that makes it much more convenient to accomplish your weekly objectives.

When you are looking to undergo a specific training for a particular event, let’s say a big football match at the end of the week, the app’s Training Plans feature comes into play. Pick an area of focus such as sports, and then making a customized plan. Once you are done creating a training plan, the plan is saved in the app in a calendar view which makes it so much easier for you get prepared.

The best way to use this app is through the Adidas Fit Smart wearable smart device. Strap on the Fit Smart, start the app and get ready to rumble.

4) Runtastic

This app may not be as high profile as the aforementioned ones, but what it lacks in name it makes up for it in functionality. Runtastic covers all the basic fundamentals of a fitness activity tracker such as keeping count of the distance run, the time taken for the run, the calories burnt, elevation, and pace between mile markers. It also comes with a visual display of the route on a map using GPS.

The Runtastic Pro is pretty advanced as it offers highly desirable features such as pulse reading and heart rate zones, two options that are seldom found in most wellness apps. It also comes with an integrated music player where you can set an energetic song from your music library. It contains different modes for directing your training activity. An unique feature of the Runtastic Pro is the auto pause which comes in handy when stopping for red lights.
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5) Edmondo Running Cycling Walk

This is yet another praiseworthy fitness and health app that is designed to be your ultimate personal trainer. Whether you’re running, walking, cycling or kayaking, this app will keep you on the charge with its efficacious features such as tracking distance, duration, speed and loss of calories. It has a heart rate monitor and provides audio feedback at regular intervals.

The app also comes with a full-fledged training diary that helps you to analyze your performance and keeps your eyes set firmly on your weekly/monthly goals. The audio coach is a well liked feature of this app that prevents you from losing motivation and going off track. I mean, who wouldn’t train efficiently when there’s a coach barking orders at you.

You can share your results on social media and receive real time fitness advice from your workout buddies. Any fitness savvy individual will have a blast using this fun and interactive app.

Now that you know about these extraordinary fitness tracking apps, there’s no excuse for you to sit on your couch and munch on crackers like a lazy, dishevelled geek. As far as these apps are concerned, they clearly are the cream of the crop unless you can stumble upon something better. Are there apps any better than these ones? Do these apps meet all your requirements and satisfy all your needs? Would these apps actually help you optimize your performance on the track? Comment and let us know.